Tips For Living Off Grid In The Mountains

As technology takes over in the world, there are more and more people looking to find refuge in nature.  Living off the grid gives you a real chance at complete freedom, but the challenges of maintaining the lifestyle are abundant.

You won’t learn everything you need to know from one article on the internet, but knowledge is best served in small portions.  Take a few moments to check out some helpful tips for living off grid and get started towards the life you always envisioned today.

Define your level of off grid living

Before you pack up all your things to move out to the woods, take the time to define just how your off-grid life will look.  There are levels to being off the grid.

You can have a designer home with the best bathrooms and bedrooms that are solar-powered and off the grid, or you can live in a yurt with an outhouse.  The choice is up to you.  The way you use your resources is what’s important to a healthy off grid lifestyle.

Know the wildlife in the area

If you’re going to stake your claim in the mountains, it’s crucial that you understand the wildlife in the area.  You need to know how to live with the local wildlife.

You are moving into their territory, so it’s wise to learn to live alongside the animals as opposed to trying to make enemies of them.  No harm should come to an animal unless it is for food or safety.

Find a place with a good water source

You need three basic things to survive out in nature, and water is one of the most important resources you’ll need to live off the grid.  When you’re seeking out a place to call your own, make sure the perfect place includes a plentiful water source.

You will want to build a rain catchment system for your home later on, but the initial settling of your space will require a water source that’s already in place.

Learn how to grow your own food

When you’re living off the grid, going to the grocery store isn’t the most convenient use of your time/resources.  Learning to grow your own food is a hot commodity when you’re planning on severing ties with the hustle and bustle of society.

You may encounter a range of agricultural challenges on your new land.  Take the time to learn how to grow crops that will thrive in the area you have chosen to call home.

Use the sun to power your home

Solar power is a great way to energize your home and light up your life off grid.  Just a few solar panels will do the job, and the setup is more affordable now than ever before.

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